About Me and This Blog

Hi, I am Marion, and I used to be an alcoholic. However, I have been sober for the last four years now.

To begin with, I was born in 1988 and fell prey to drinking since the formative age of 18. I suffered from social anxiety and inferiority complex, and that is what primarily got me hooked to more alcohol. And before I realized, I was walking down the road of alcohol abuse. My life had become a hell-hole. Everybody pushed me away because of my drinking problem. I flunked school and dropped-out, did not have a job, got shunned by my family. I also got involved with street gangs, gambled, got into fights and got arrested multiple times. I somehow gathered money to buy the cheapest of alcohol, and it started to take a drastic toll on my health.

I met Annie about 6 years back in a bar. She did not seem repelled by me and spoke to me kindly. At that point, kindness was something I did not recall receiving. We met frequently. She is the main reason why I am sober today.

The months that followed were tough. It was not easy for me to give up alcohol. It so happened that one day I got drunk, fought with Annie, took the car out and got into a terrible accident. I attempted suicide multiple times. Finally, I joined a fellowship, and that helped me a lot. Also, the love and care I was receiving motivated me to stay clean.

Today, Annie and I are in a stable relationship. I have also reunited with my parents. About two years back I started training and exercising, and it has made me a lot healthier.

The Purpose of This Blog

I took to blogging to share my stories and provide people with hope. When I start writing my stories I realize how far I have come and it makes me feel good about myself. Through this blog, I want to inspire victims of alcohol addiction and help them lead a healthy life. Not all drunkards are lost cases; all they need is a little guidance. If your friend/relative/colleague is an alcoholic, do not isolate them. Call for counseling or rehab. But do not give up on them.


In the United States, approximately 15 million people struggle with alcohol abuse, but hardly 8% of them receive treatment. According to 2018 Alcoholism statistics, more than 40% of alcohol consumers which is approximately 65 million people have been reported to binge drink.

In this blog, I have outlined the basic symptoms and signs of alcohol abuse to make people aware and alert. Understanding and recognizing alcohol abuse is important.